How to Prepare to Move into Your New Home

August 3, 2017admin
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How can you prepare to move into a new house?

Moving is often an involved event between packing everything up and making any last minute adjustments. You’ll need to ensure that your items get to your new home safely, of course, but that’s why you’ve called on us at Tristate! However, there is more to moving that the literal moving of your items. Here are a few things that you should take care of before you move to ensure a smooth process. Let’s take a look.

Make sure your new home is ready for you.

Before you can settle into your new house, you should take some time to ensure that it is ready to be settled into. This can include things like cleaning the home, checking on the electrical and plumbing facilities, and looking for any potential problems. If you notice pests, call a pest control specialist before any of your clothing or furnishings arrive. You should also have the locks changed just in case.

Let everyone know that you are moving.

As simple as it is, you would be surprised how many people forget to inform the people in their lives that they are moving. We are, of course, talking more about billing and services than friends, but everyone should be informed. Make sure your internet, television, and phone providers know that you are changing addresses so that you can get everything hooked up in your new home in advance.

Acquaint yourself with your new home.

Take some time to plan out where you are going to put your things in your new space. Designate each room for its purpose and try to envision how everything is going to work together. You should also locate the circuit breaker box and the main water valve. You never know when you are going to need those, so it is best to prepare in advance. Furthermore, you should try and find out whether or not the basement floods and then attempt to rectify any issue in advance. We at Tristate will handle the actual moving.

Take the Stress Out of Moving with Tristate Moving Company!

We at Tristate Moving Company have 18 years of experience helping our customers have a smooth move. We have served customers in home moves, office moves, and military/government facility moves. We also offer storage facilities with climate-controlled environments in the event that you need them. For more information about our process and how we can help you get moving, contact us today!