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Why Your Friends and Family Shouldn’t Help You Move

March 29, 2019admin

Remember the first time you helped a friend move?  You knew someone who was moving to a new place, and instead of hiring movers, your friend asked for your help.  And you felt too guilty to say no.

You were hoping to spend your day off watching TV, hiking, reading, swimming, or whatever else it is you like to do for leisure.  But instead, you spent the whole day lugging around someone else’s furniture.

There are many reasons not to subject your friends and family to that experience.  Here are three of them.

1) It will mess with your relationships.

Your friends and family should be people who look forward to your phone calls.  But that’s not going to be the case if they expect you to ask them for large favors each time you get in touch.

I’m not going to mince words: being asked to move someone else’s furniture really sucks.  And if you like someone, ideally you’ll never have to ask them to do that for you.

Don’t get me wrong, moving furniture isn’t so bad if you’re a professionally trained mover who lugs heavy things around for a living.  But if you don’t have training, it’s a real drag.  And you might do it wrong.

Which leads to the next reason…

2) They’ll probably do it wrong.

Moving heavy items around without leaving scratches on the floors and dents in the walls is a lot more complicated than it might seem.  Here at TRISTATE, we put our movers through 200 hours of training to make sure they don’t make common mistakes.

If you’re moving into a rental property, careless mistakes on the part of your friends and family, which are likely to happen, can cost you a lot of money in the long run.  Better to save the money (and stress) and hire people who can save you cash in the long run.

3) It will take forever.

How popular are you, really?  Some of us have large groups of local friends and family members who will help us move at the drop of a hat, but most people won’t be able to get more than three or four people to commit to an entire day of moving.

The fewer people you have helping you, the longer your move will take.  But if you hire professional movers, you’ll have a large group of skilled people who can move your things quickly and efficiently.  That will significantly reduce your moving time.

Need help moving?  Don’t burden your friends and family.  Hire the experts at TRISTATE.