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Moving Tips From The World's Best Movers

May 23, 2019admin

Some people assert that moving is one of life’s most difficult events, similar to divorce and surgery.  We’re grateful that isn’t true, but we do understand that moving can cause quite a bit of stress.

The Internet is filled with tips on how to reduce stress while moving–it seems everyone and their dog has a “lifehack” that supposedly makes moving an absolute breeze–even without hiring movers!  We’re skeptical for obvious reasons.

But as the best movers in the Tristate Area, we contend that we are in a solid position to offer some suggestions on how to reduce stress on moving day.

Meal Prep Like A Fitness Nut!

Have you ever met a devoted fitness enthusiast who consumes carefully measured, home-cooked meals from plastic containers? Eating that way on a frequent basis seem extreme to most people, but on moving day, eating that way might be the wisest court of action.

When you’re grappling with the stress of moving, it’s ideal to eat healthy food that makes you feel energized, and that’s difficult when you’re on the go and don’t have access to a kitchen.  Instead, prepare home cooked meals in advance, and store them in disposable containers. You can eat them during the course of your move instead of binging on fast food.

Protect Your Floors And Walls

Few things add stress to a move like accidental dents in the walls and scratches on wooden floors.  The best movers will typically utilize padding to protect the walls of your home, in addition to floor runners to protect wooden surfaces.

Pack A “Carry-On” Bag

You’re not going to have time to unpack all of your things the instant you move.  For that reason, packing a carry-on sized bag is a great way to reduce stress during your move.  Simply pack your bag with all the essentials you would bring on a short vacation, and you can live out of that bag for a day or two as you unpack in your new home.