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How To Pack Fragile Items--Tips From Maryland's Top Movers

July 16, 2019admin

Just about everyone has some fragile items they need to move with. Dishes, mirrors, fine art, and televisions just a handful of examples of items that need to be handled with extra care.

We’ve all heard horror stories about fragile items being destroyed in transport.  Here are some tips to prevent that from happening to you.

Pack Delicate Items With As Much Padding As Possible

Your eccentric aunt gave you a collection of high-end teacups from Japan, and she would be absolutely crushed in anything bad happened to them. How can you be sure those teacups will survive your move? It’s pretty simple: you need to use lots of padding materials.

Here are your two best options:

  • Consult with your local movers and packers, and have them help you select the best padding and packing materials possible.
  • Have your local moving company handle the packing process for you!  Here at Tristate, we’re literally experts and moving and packing items…it’s what we do all day!

For glasses, the method is much the same. Simply wrap your glasses in the newspaper. You should also place some balled-up newspaper into each glass for extra support.

Write The Word “Fragile” On All Boxes

This seems like an obvious step, but you would be surprised by how many people miss it.  Whether you’re having other people move your items, sending them in the mail, or even moving them yourself, it’s best to know which boxes contain the most delicate items, so you can handle them with extra care.

Want To Be Sure Your Delicates Will Be Safe?  Hire The Best Movers In Maryland!

Here at Tristate Moving And Storage, moving and packing fragile items is what we specialize in.  Professional Trained Movers are far more reliable than the average person when it comes to transporting delicate items.  

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