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4 Questions To Ask Before Hiring Long Distance Movers

August 19, 2019admin

Are you preparing to move across the country?  Chances are, you’ll need long distance movers to help you out.

Here are 4 questions you’ll want to ask before hiring long distance movers.

1) Do they provide accurate quotes?

A reputable long distance moving company will provide you with two types of quotes: a “ball-park” quote and a precise quote. 

A “ball-park” quote is based on the information you provide the moving company over the phone or online.  But a precise quote involves the moving company coming to your home, weighing the items they plan to move, and calculating the exact shipping costs of getting those items from Point A to Point B.

A common mistake moving companies make is only providing ball-park estimates.  When this happens, customers are often shocked to see a bill that’s different (often higher) than the original estimate.

2) Do they have good reviews?

Simply put, the best moving companies aren’t afraid to put their reviews on display.  Here at Tristate, we display our Google reviews on every page of our website!

3) What equipment do they have?

Every good moving company needs to have its own fleet of moving trucks and plenty of packing supplies.

4) Are they credentialed by the Department of Transportation?

The Department of Transportation credentials every reputable long distance moving company.  To check if a company is credentialed, simply enter “[moving company name] department of transportation.” should have a listing.