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How To Find Reliable Movers In Fairfax, VA

September 17, 2019admin

You probably realize that this is a country that is constantly on the move. The average American will probably move several times during their lifetime. 

Certainly, movers in Fairfax, VA agree that moving is stressful.  It is important to make sure that any move is as stress free as possible. 

We’ve all heard the horror stories about people who hired unreliable movers. More and more horror stories about unprofessional and dishonest movers are circulating, thanks to social media and other online sources. 

That’s why we’ve provided tips to help you find competent movers.

Seek Recommendations From Friends

The key to finding reliable, competent, and professional movers begins with contacting people that you trust, and asking them to recommend a competent and professional mover. Generally, the average person knows at least one friend or family member that has moved within the last five years. 

People searching for Fairfax VA movers contact companies several times in their lifetime for important moves. 

Generally, the information that you acquire from close friends and family is reliable and trustworthy. 

With that said, it is important to use all means necessary to narrow down your selection to the most appropriate movers for your situation.

Read Customer Reviews

Another important way to find a dependable and reliable mover is to take the time to read customer reviews about the company. 

Most reliable moving companies will have a long list of very positive reviews on the company and their ability to handle a move. Take the time to read all the reviews and criticisms before narrowing down your choice to the most dependable movers.

It is important to realize that a professional company will strive to provide the highest quality services for their customers. That’s how the earn positive reviews.

Contact The Mover

Surprisingly, more people than you might imagine did not take the time to fully research by calling or contacting the company and talking to a customer representative. 

Take the time to call each company that piques your interest. Ask important details about their pricing, insurance, terms, packing, handling, experience, staff, and any other important questions that might arise. Always avoid a moving company that refuses to answer your questions directly or provides vague answers, move on to the next mover on the list.

Background Checks Are Important

Thanks to the Internet it is very easy to perform a background check on a moving company. Get started by going online and checking out their references on the Better Business Bureau site. 

Next, contact the companies and ask them for several references that are current. Contact all the reference sources to make your own conclusion about the moving company.

Trust Your Instincts

Another easy way to reduce your risk of hiring an unprofessional and unreliable mover is to simply trust your instincts. Instincts are the feelings in the pit of your stomach that warn you something is not right. 

If you find something disturbing about the company, like fake references, take heed and move on to a more trustworthy source.

The tips provided here are important when you are looking for the best movers Fairfax VA has to offer.