For any small or big move, you must always work with experienced movers and packers. You ensure the firm offers the right services- from packing and loading to unloading and warehousing. This will ensure customers do not call other companies for help. So, whether it’s a personal or commercial move, it is crucial that you find the right services for packing and moving your possessions. 

If you are looking for movers and packers, you should never hire a company without knowing its quality and credentials. But how do you identify a quality mover and packer? Here are the top characteristics of a reliable mover and packer. 

Reliable and Honest

A reliable moving company offers efficient services for day and night shifting. Make sure that you check a company’s service records and go through customer reviews. If most of the customers are not happy with a particular company, do not do business with them. You should hire a company that offers safe relocating services, taking care of all your possessions. 

Insurance Coverage

While the best moving companies will take all the measures to ensure your possessions are safe, you need to prepare for the unlikely event that something goes wrong. It is important for movers and packers to have insurance coverage. 

In case of an accident, the company will pay for the damage without you having to pay for anything.  That’s why you should look for a professional mover who has insurance coverage. When you have insurance coverage, you can have peace of mind when moving your office furniture or house items. 

End-To-End Services

A good moving company offers customers services on a silver platter. If you want to move your items from one area to another, just call the service providers. They will take a look at your items and calculate a quote. After the quote is accepted, they will get to work.

Professional Services

You should choose a moving and packing service that has skilled and experienced staff. Trained and experienced employees know how to move things in a safe and efficient manner. A reliable firm has skilled drivers, movers, packers, supervisors, and dispatchers. 

They will handle all your things in the right way, organize them accordingly, and load them in their truck.  They will unload and unpack at your new home or office. They can also help arrange your things at your new office or home on request. 

Choose a reliable moving company for safe and hassle-free moving service.


If you want to move to a renovating area or new construction, you may want to look for a good moving company that offers topnotch warehousing service. This will allow you to store your possessions at a safe place. 

This will let you do the moving tension-freely without worrying about the accommodation of your items, at least in the meantime. Furthermore, there are also some service providers that offer permanent disposal of your items in case you do not need them anymore and want to eliminate them as soon as possible.

Experience Matters A Lot

You should always ensure that you check the overall experience of the companies you have shortlisted before choosing the one that’s best for you. The company should be reputable in offering packing and moving solutions. You can conduct research about their past work, profile, and references to determine whether or not they are the right choice for you.

Safety Is Key

Safety of your possessions is perhaps the most important factor to consider when looking for movers and packers. If you wish to move to a new place, you should prefer local laborers or movers. Keep in mind, not all movers may have the experience you are looking for in this field. 

The problem with local laborers is that they lack the skillset top pack your goods- they do not know how to handle heavy goods or the right materials to pack your goods. While it could be cheaper for you, your goods may end up damaged. They do not know how to handle goods in the transporting vehicle. Care and right handling are paramount when transporting goods.

Tracking System and Support

A good moving company should have a clear tracking system and reliable customer support. It should be as easy as that. Normally, a professional will visit your premises and give you a quotation and organize for the relocation of your items.

Competitive Pricing

The best moving firms offer the best services at pocket-friendly rates. While they should not compromise the quality of their bid to offer reasonable prices, they should also be realistic by offering prices that are appealing to customers. If a company is too costly, they definitely won’t attract many customers, regardless of the quality of services they offer.

Finding the right movers and packers is not as easy as it may sound. There are a number of things you need to consider before you hire the right mover. Other than personal considerations, you also need to take into account qualities such as the ones discussed in this article. With this in mind, you will surely find a moving company who not only offers quality services but also at a reasonable rate.

You probably realize that this is a country that is constantly on the move. The average American will probably move several times during their lifetime. 

Certainly, movers in Fairfax, VA agree that moving is stressful.  It is important to make sure that any move is as stress free as possible. 

We’ve all heard the horror stories about people who hired unreliable movers. More and more horror stories about unprofessional and dishonest movers are circulating, thanks to social media and other online sources. 

That’s why we’ve provided tips to help you find competent movers.

Seek Recommendations From Friends

The key to finding reliable, competent, and professional movers begins with contacting people that you trust, and asking them to recommend a competent and professional mover. Generally, the average person knows at least one friend or family member that has moved within the last five years. 

People searching for Fairfax VA movers contact companies several times in their lifetime for important moves. 

Generally, the information that you acquire from close friends and family is reliable and trustworthy. 

With that said, it is important to use all means necessary to narrow down your selection to the most appropriate movers for your situation.

Read Customer Reviews

Another important way to find a dependable and reliable mover is to take the time to read customer reviews about the company. 

Most reliable moving companies will have a long list of very positive reviews on the company and their ability to handle a move. Take the time to read all the reviews and criticisms before narrowing down your choice to the most dependable movers.

It is important to realize that a professional company will strive to provide the highest quality services for their customers. That’s how the earn positive reviews.

Contact The Mover

Surprisingly, more people than you might imagine did not take the time to fully research by calling or contacting the company and talking to a customer representative. 

Take the time to call each company that piques your interest. Ask important details about their pricing, insurance, terms, packing, handling, experience, staff, and any other important questions that might arise. Always avoid a moving company that refuses to answer your questions directly or provides vague answers, move on to the next mover on the list.

Background Checks Are Important

Thanks to the Internet it is very easy to perform a background check on a moving company. Get started by going online and checking out their references on the Better Business Bureau site. 

Next, contact the companies and ask them for several references that are current. Contact all the reference sources to make your own conclusion about the moving company.

Trust Your Instincts

Another easy way to reduce your risk of hiring an unprofessional and unreliable mover is to simply trust your instincts. Instincts are the feelings in the pit of your stomach that warn you something is not right. 

If you find something disturbing about the company, like fake references, take heed and move on to a more trustworthy source.

The tips provided here are important when you are looking for the best movers Fairfax VA has to offer.

Moving companies have a certain way of working in order to achieve the best results for the clients they serve. Here’s a little information about moving companies, how they work, and how you can evaluate them.

Inventory Concerns

One way that good moving companies operate is by taking inventory first. If you see a company that just grabs your stuff in boxes and dumps it into a van, you’ve found a moving company that isn’t going to be very careful with your stuff in general. They should tag everything in terms of weight and contents.

In other words, there should be an estimator looking at everything. If you’re not sure that a moving company has clear procedures for providing estimates, we recommend calling them to check.

Many companies use digital tags to keep track of inventory. This is important for many reasons. First, it helps ensure that they don’t leave anything behind!

But it’s also important that they know where it’s all going, that they have it on the right truck, and that it all makes its way to the destination. 

Thirdly, companies tend to charge by weight and bulk, so an estimator should be there to ensure that those charges are fair and accurate. 

Finally, digital tags will ensure that fragile items are adequately taken care of.

Walk Throughs

When an estimator comes to your house, they should do a thorough walk-through. They should ask questions about what you’re taking, what you’re leaving behind, and what you’re donating. 

Beware Of Companies That Switch Names

Unprofessional moving companies will often try to change their name when they end up with a poor reputation. This helps them avoid scrutiny from the Better Business Bureau. 

By constantly changing their names, these companies can manage their reputation through dubious practices. 

In order to make sure a company provides good service, you should check to see if they provide their full name over the phone, and their business address on their website.

Evaluating a company’s transparency is a great way to make sure that they are who they say they are…and that they will do what they say they do.

A Word About Fees

Speaking of transparency, many companies will try to make extra money by slipping in fees. You’ll need to get assurances ahead of time that no company will just magically “forget” about some extra fee that they have to charge you which didn’t come up at all in the beginning. 

It can help to get in writing in terms of what the final price will be. Some companies will add extra fees based on how many stories the house is, how far off the ground your apartment is, whether there are elevators or stairs, whether there’s a narrow street that makes it so they can’t fit their van, and so on.

Fees are fine, and just part of how moving companies work, but the problem is when the company isn’t honest about them upfront.


Another important part of the moving business has to do with contracts. The things that are said to be outside of contracts aren’t nearly as important as what is in the contract. Any vague guarantee a company tells you about on the phone isn’t going to be good enough…you’ll need it in writing. 

This includes things like a non-binding estimate which makes sure that companies can’t charge more than 10% above what the original estimate was. It also means you have thirty days to pay for any overage.

Alternatively, you have a non-binding to exceed the estimate. This contract means that you won’t have to pay anything over the original estimate at all. You can also get a binding estimate which means that the price is guaranteed specifically for whatever services you’ve agreed upon. Anything extra will have to be agreed upon later, like unpacking. Again, you’ll have thirty days on this.

Reporting and Liability

Moving companies require insurance because they are liable for the damage they incur on your items. It’s important for customers to make sure that this insurance is adequate, and that they understand what sorts of protection are at play and what fees go along with it.

There are hundreds of movers in Maryland. There’s definitely no shortage of moving services in the state. But what you should be concerned about is finding the right mover for your needs.

Finding the right movers in Maryland to move your home furniture and items is a critically important task to accomplish.

To accomplish that task, you’ll have to be willing to do background checks, due diligence, and be on your toes before these movers even walk up to your doorstep.

Let’s go through these pointers, each of which will ease your mind if you commit to doing it.

Ask for Referrals

Let’s start with the easiest and the most influential of all actions that will significantly raise the probability of getting the right movers for your needs: get referrals.

Yup, it seems easy but it’s the tried and true method of getting the right people doing the job.

Let me just say that it’s not a guarantee but it works.

Ask your family and friends for their recommendations and what they felt their experience was. Ask your real estate agent for their recommended movers. Ask people who have moved who they hired to do the job. Chances are they’ve done their research and interviews on top of their own personal experience of their movers. 

Minimum of Top Three Local Choices For Further Investigation

Using the referrals you’ve collected, look around for any that’s near your home where you’re moving from. Look for other movers in the area you may want to consider in your list for consideration. Use Google maps to do the search and take the time to read through their website. 

Take notes of what each of these movers is willing to do for you and what you like and don’t like about their services.

From this list, narrow down your search to your top three, highlighting the key reasons you’re considering them in your top three. If cost is one strong consideration, highlight it in your notes and on movers who could offer an attractive price. You’ll have to wait until the mover has brought in their representative to look over your things for moving and offer an estimate before you can make any price estimate comparison. 

Verify Your Top Three Choices

Now, you’ve done your homework on gathering the info on each of these top three choices of movers, it’s time to verify their claims.

Remember that anything that they claim are just claims until you’ve corroborated them from a third-party source. Calling them to confirm help but that’s just supplementary. You really need to look them up using Yelp, Google and the Better Business Bureau for reliable reviews of the company and their service. 

Confirm their licenses and insurance.

Confirm their accreditation.

Verify their address. Be very suspicious of businesses that don’t have an actual business address where you can physically see and meet them. In fact, they shouldn’t be in your list of top three for consideration.

Get an On-Site Estimate

From your top three list of movers for consideration, head over to their business and ask for an on-site evaluator who can give you an estimate of their moving service. This curated list of movers should be willing and ready to send someone; otherwise, they also shouldn’t be on your list. It is the industry norm for movers to offer an estimate based on their on-site evaluation of things that need moving.

Stay away from movers who require large deposits. It’s an industry norm for moving services to be offered without requiring any deposits. Small deposits for any reason might be excusable.

Get Special Movers For Special Items

If you have special items for moving such as a grand piano, seek out movers especially skilled to move them. It’s worth their extra cost.

Get Down To The Extra Costs

It’s time to get into the details of what goes into the cost. It won’t be exact until after you’ve moved but it helps to get as close to it as you can in order to aid in your decision making. What exactly is included in the estimated cost? Does it include moving boxes and materials? Do they help in packing or is that something you’ve got to do yourself? Do you have to pay an extra fee for fuel? It helps to sit down and think through the details of the process and bring them up before you make your choice of movers to go with.

Look for Confidence, Efficiency, and Honesty

Now that you’re down to conversing with your top movers asking them your questions, watch for the way they communicate with you and answer your questions. If they truly have been in the business for years, they should be able to exude professionalism in their honesty and confidence as they take you through the procedure of doing business with them and what’s included in the estimated service fee. 

Watch Them Work

At this point, you’ve finally decided on which moving company you’re going with. If not, take your time. It’s all worth the effort to ensure you’re personal valuable belongings are in good hands and you’re paying that service at a fair rate. 

The movers should show professionalism throughout the process from detailing what needs to be moved to being prompt on moving day. 

Go find that right mover for you and your family.

Are you preparing to move across the country?  Chances are, you’ll need long distance movers to help you out.

Here are 4 questions you’ll want to ask before hiring long distance movers.

1) Do they provide accurate quotes?

A reputable long distance moving company will provide you with two types of quotes: a “ball-park” quote and a precise quote. 

A “ball-park” quote is based on the information you provide the moving company over the phone or online.  But a precise quote involves the moving company coming to your home, weighing the items they plan to move, and calculating the exact shipping costs of getting those items from Point A to Point B.

A common mistake moving companies make is only providing ball-park estimates.  When this happens, customers are often shocked to see a bill that’s different (often higher) than the original estimate.

2) Do they have good reviews?

Simply put, the best moving companies aren’t afraid to put their reviews on display.  Here at Tristate, we display our Google reviews on every page of our website!

3) What equipment do they have?

Every good moving company needs to have its own fleet of moving trucks and plenty of packing supplies.

4) Are they credentialed by the Department of Transportation?

The Department of Transportation credentials every reputable long distance moving company.  To check if a company is credentialed, simply enter “[moving company name] department of transportation.”  dot.gov should have a listing.

Fall is coming, and for many young adults, that means it’s time to head back to campus.

You might be a freshman heading away from home for the first time, or you could be a senior who’s gone home and back plenty of times.  Either way, if you’re officially enrolled in a university, this post is for you.

Here are Tristate’s top moving tips for college kids.

Pack light, and do some shopping once you arrive.

A dorm room isn’t an ideal place to bring an enormous suitcase filled with tons of stuff.  Pack as light as you can, bringing only the clothes you know you’ll wear, and the items you’re confident you’ll actually use.  For things like toiletries, paper plates, etc, it’s often a good idea to wait until you arrive in your college town before shopping for those things.

Try not to bring fragile items.  But handle them with care if you do.

You’re not at the stage of life where you need a 9-5 office job and an apartment filled with beautiful dishes, paintings, etc.  If you absolutely must bring something delicate, like a musical instrument, make sure it’s well protected in a specialized carrying case, or in the case of sculptures and dishes, bubble wrap.

If you’re moving to an unfurnished apartment, consider hiring movers.

If you’re moving to a small dorm with a roommate, there’s no need to hire movers.  But if you’re going to be moving some heavy furniture, a company like Tristate’s Movers and Packers can help you get situated fast…so you can focus on your studies.  

Before we go, here’s a quick list of things you might want to remember to pack




There are lots of different ways to go about moving from one place to another. You can do it on your own, but that can end up being more expensive than you realized, and since you’re probably not a Professional Trained Mover, you’re likely to damage some of your cargo in the process

That’s why hiring a world-class moving company is the best option for most people.  But finding the right moving company isn’t always so straight-forward. You need a reliable moving company with a proven track record, and unfortunately, not all moving companies are created equal.  

How do you find the best movers?  Glad you asked…

Ask Around

All great moving companies have references.  Talk to your family, friends, co-workers, etc, and many of them will likely tell you about their experiences, both positive and negative, with various moving companies.  

If you trust someone, trust what they say about any moving company. After all, you’re going to need to trust your movers for a stress-free moving experience.

Check For Online Reviews

Great companies have great reviews, and they won’t be afraid to make them as visible as possible.  Here at Tristate, we display our Google reviews on every single page of our website!

When You Find A Company, Get An Estimate

Any good moving company should be able to provide you with two types of estimates: a ball-park estimate and a precise estimate.

A ball-park estimate is a general estimate based on the information you give them over the phone or online.  A more precise estimate will involve the moving company weighing your items, calculating your precise shipping costs, and telling you exactly how much your move will cost.  If they don’t promise to stick to this estimate, look elsewhere.

Everyone knows that moving and packing can cause a lot of stress and tension. And that’s even more true when packing precious antiques

Picture what it might be like to transport a bunch of delicate antiques in a giant moving truck on a bumpy road. It seems almost certain that you would cause some damage, doesn’t it? 

Thankfully, damaging your precious items doesn’t have to be inevitable–antiques are usually damaged due to poor packing techniques.  Antiques are among the most difficult items to pack properly, which explains why they’re often damaged

The safest way to move with antiques is to hire Professional Trained Movers to handle packing and transport for you. But if that’s not an option, it is still possible for a layperson to pack their own antiques like a professional moving company. Here’s how you can do that.

Take Inventory Of Your Antiques

Packing delicate items, especially antiques, requires written planning. It’s time to write down a list of your things to transport, ranked by how fragile they are

Start with the most fragile items you own. For example, a dining table with a glass top needs to be treated with extreme care

Additionally, make sure you measure each item accurately. If an item cannot fit through a doorway, you need to create a plan for getting it to your new placeOtherwise, it will end up getting damaged. 

For all antiques, take a photo of each item and check for any existing damage or imperfections.

Find Out How Much Your Antiques Are Worth

There are agencies that can easily appraise the value of your antiques, so you know exactly how much each item is worth.  This will be important for you moving forward.

Here Is What You Will Need Before You Start Packing

Now that you’ve taken inventory of your items and learned how much they’re worth, it’s time to start gathering your moving supplies.  Here are the moving supplies you will need:

Your antiques are priceless, which is why you need to take your time to meticulously wrap each individual item. Start with the air pillows, then use wrapping paper. For heavier items, use the microfiber cloth. Make sure you have durable boxes to transport each item safely.

Get Moving Insurance

While there are ways to reduce the likelihood of your items being damaged to nearly zero, accidents can and do sometimes happenThat’s why it’s important to purchase moving insurance, especially when transporting expensive valuables.

Label Every Single Box

You need to know which boxes contain fragile items so you can handle them accordingly.  This may seem like common sense, but you would be surprised by how many people neglect this step.  Be sure to label every single box.

Three Steps For Packing Like A Professional Moving Company

Here are three steps for getting your antiques from Point A to Point B with zero damage. These steps form the foundation of how we move things at Tristate Moving And Storage.

Step #1: Use Protective Wrap

For delicate items, foam wrap and stretch wrap will help provide adequate protection.

Step #2: Protect Your Items From Shock And Vibration

Basic cushioning isn’t enough–things like Air Pillows will help protect your items from any minor impact that occurs during the moving process.

Step 3: Seal Your Items With A Protective Shell

Don’t cut corners here.  We recommend wood or metal crates.

Pack Your Antiques Onto A Moving Truck

If you have a professional moving company handling this part of the process for you, feel free to skip this section. But these steps are absolutely critical if you’re handling this yourself

You need to pack the most fragile items last. This greatly reduces the risk of your items falling or getting damaged. Do not place other items on top of your antiques; this will increase the risk of damage

Unload Your Items

You need to unload your antiques first–this should be safe and intuitive if you packed them last. Be sure to check for any damage. 

We hope you found this guide useful.  If you would like an actual Professional Moving Company to handle your move for you, get in touch with Tristate Moving And Storage!  Our Professional Trained Movers undergo over 200 hours of training before working with a single client, so you can rest assured your precious antiques are being handled by the best movers in the business.

Just about everyone has some fragile items they need to move with. Dishes, mirrors, fine art, and televisions just a handful of examples of items that need to be handled with extra care.

We’ve all heard horror stories about fragile items being destroyed in transport.  Here are some tips to prevent that from happening to you.

Pack Delicate Items With As Much Padding As Possible

Your eccentric aunt gave you a collection of high-end teacups from Japan, and she would be absolutely crushed in anything bad happened to them. How can you be sure those teacups will survive your move? It’s pretty simple: you need to use lots of padding materials.

Here are your two best options:

For glasses, the method is much the same. Simply wrap your glasses in the newspaper. You should also place some balled-up newspaper into each glass for extra support.

Write The Word “Fragile” On All Boxes

This seems like an obvious step, but you would be surprised by how many people miss it.  Whether you’re having other people move your items, sending them in the mail, or even moving them yourself, it’s best to know which boxes contain the most delicate items, so you can handle them with extra care.

Want To Be Sure Your Delicates Will Be Safe?  Hire The Best Movers In Maryland!

Here at Tristate Moving And Storage, moving and packing fragile items is what we specialize in.  Professional Trained Movers are far more reliable than the average person when it comes to transporting delicate items.  

Think you might want our help?  Get in touch with us today! 

Moving can be challenging, and that’s especially true if you’re moving by yourself. First time moves are difficult because you will encounter a number of challenges you never would have anticipated–it takes a bit of practice to know what to expect. 

Here are Tristate’s official tips for first time movers.

Start Acting Like An Independent Adult

Don’t worry, we’re not about to give you a long-winded lecture about what it means to be an adult!  Instead, we’re offering some practical advice: start building the kinds of habits that successful independent adults cultivate.

For example, when you were living with your parents, you may have been able to get away with being a little loose with your budget.  You knew that if you ran out of money, the worst thing you would experience was a bit of boredom until your next paycheck. But if you’re living on your own, running out of money can mean not being able to pay for groceries or rent!  Before you move out, get your financial habits and budget in order!

Additionally, if you haven’t already, start helping your parents out with basic home maintenance tasks: cleaning, dishes, cooking, yard work, etc.  You’ll have to do those things when you move out, so you may as well start building those habits now.

Take Inventory Of Your Stuff

We’ve offered this tip in several other blog posts, but it applies here just as much as anywhere else.  You don’t want to lug a bunch of useless clutter from one place to another, which is why you want to take inventory of your stuff.  Go over which of your things you actually want to keep, and what you want to toss, give away, or donate to charity.  The fewer things you can move with, the simpler your moving process will be.

Hire Professional Trained Movers

It’s true that as a young person, you and your friends are probably capable of carrying lugging your things by yourself. But that will take a long time, and you’re busy. 

Plus, we’ll make sure everything is safely and properly packed so none of your things end up getting damaged during transport. 

Focus on living your best life, and let us handle the heavy load!


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