Boxes packed ready for moving company

Storage is easy with Tristate!

If you have a lot of extra items that you want to keep, but don’t have the space for then you may benefit from the use of a storage unit. This can be especially helpful if you’re in the process of moving or you are about to move as you may not have as much space in your new home. Today we’re going to give you a few tips for making the most of your storage unit with a few helpful tips. Let’s take a look.

Get organized!

The first thing that you should do when you decide to utilize a storage unit is to get yourself organized. Divide your items into groups and then make labels for these groups. You wouldn’t want to pack everything into the storage unit and not be able to find anything later. You should also mark fragile items accordingly to ensure that they are handled with care.

It’s time for the boxes!

As you pack your things to put them into the storage unit, try to use as few types of boxes as possible. This will help you to stack the boxes and keep them organized within the storage unit. Not only that, but you should try to put everything that can be in a box in a box. This will help to minimize dust and keep your items safe and well stored.

Have a plan of attack!

As you place your boxes into the storage unit, you should make sure that you have enough room to walk into the unit. You should also take care that you can see the labels that you’ve made for your boxes as you walk through for easy access. Place the heavier boxes on the bottom of your stacks and the lighter boxes at the top so that nothing buckles and collapses while you aren’t there.


Take the Stress Out of Moving and Storage with Tristate Moving Company!

We at Tristate Moving Company have 18 years of experience helping our customers have a smooth move. We have served customers in home moves, office moves, and military/government facility moves. We also offer storage facilities with climate-controlled environments in the event that you need them. For more information about our process and how we can help you get moving, contact us today!